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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 11th May


LO: Can I use my research skills to find out what the Romans invented?

This week in English we are going to be having a big debate! "Were the Romans the greatest inventors?"

Today, I would like you to use your research skills to find out what the Romans invented. Use the internet to research this. Then, write a list of what they invented and why these things are useful to us now. 

You could also watch these videos to help you:

-What did the Romans do for us?

-What did the Romans invent?



LO: Can I  use a protractor/angle measurer to draw angles less than 180°?

 How much do you already know about angles? Read through this PowerPoint to review your knowledge. 

Today we are going to be measuring acute and obtuse angles. 

First, look at this YouTube video to make your own angle measure. 

Using your angle measurer (/protractors), estimate how to measure 70 degrees, 120 degrees etc. Then go around your house and measure angles less than 180 degrees. You could also draw angles on a piece paper to measure.

Complete this estimating angles activity sheet. 

AND/OR play this game: Alien Angles. You will be given an angle. Drag the arrow to estimate the angle then click on the spaceship to find out how close your estimate was!


LO: Can I name the parts of the human skeleton?

Can you name any bones in your body?

Read this PowerPoint to find out about the human skeleton. 

Next, click here to learn the names of the bones and label the skeleton. 

Or if you fancy getting creative, you could use this sheet (or make your own) to cut and stick the skeleton together. Then label the parts! 

Test your knowledge of the human skeleton with this fun quiz!