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School Closure Work - Lions

To find the work that has been set each day, please click the labelled tabs to the left of the screen.

In preparing work, I have followed the normal daily class schedule as much as possible. 

I would recommend, in addition to the prepared work, students spend time on TTrockstars/other times table practice multiple times a week, spelling practice, as well at least as 15 - 30 minutes daily reading.

 Please note, a number of documents linked for learning are the Microsoft Powerpoint file type. If your computer does not have Powerpoint, then research the method yourself using Google or Youtube, as there are many resources and video guides available.

You will hopefully still be able to access the worksheets, which are usually .pdf file format.

 - Mr Pickford.

 Suggested Timetable for Key Stage 2

RE Resources for Primary Schools - Home learning

Useful Websites for home learning