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School Closure Work - Lions

Hello Lions Class!


It’s Miss Noel :)


I am sad that I won’t be seeing you all just yet but I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe at home as much as you can. I hope that you have adapted to continuing your learning from home and that you are managing to complete the set tasks each day. I understand that it may be tricky to do all the school tasks from home, but I appreciate that you are trying your best! I’m sure you are getting creative and using your improvisation skills if you don’t have all the resources available. 

In preparing work, I will continue to follow the normal daily class schedule as much as possible. In addition I would recommend you to also spend time on TTrockstars/other times table practice multiple times a week, spelling practice, as well at least as 15 - 30 minutes daily reading.

If you have any questions about the learning or if you would like to show me any of your work then feel free to email me at :

I'd love to see what you have been doing at home!

I hope to see you all soon!


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