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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Your Pictures and Work

Rosie's seaside poem.  Rosie's DT

Sally's beach hunt. 


Rosie's shark letter.  Sally's shark letter. 

Rosie's PSHE


Please click on the link below to see Patrick's shark letter. 

Nela's ocean drawing. 

Nela's Maths.

Patrick's letter. 


Jacob's DT. 

Jacob's whale writing and drawing.  Jacob's fish collage. 

Seraphina's Maths


Jacob's caterpillar project.  Jacob's art work. 
Patrick and Libby practicing their spellings.  Rosie's character description of Noi.  Sally's art work. 
Sally's Humpback Whale Information.  Rosie's Bar Chart. 

Anastasia's labelled whale drawing. 


Patrick's tally chart.  Anastasia's art. 

Sally's pot. 


River's whale information.  River's whale information. 

River's whale information. 


Edie's ocean world.  River's snail.

River's whale information. 



Edie's whale song. 


Edie's diary entry.  Edie's whale facts. 
Seraphina's D.T. Seraphina's World Oceans map. 

Edie's painted stones. 


Please click on the text below to see Patrick's humpback whale information. 
Sally's science experiment.  Sally's whale. 

Patrick's information about Humpback Whales. 


Oscar's shark. 


Sally's D.T.  sally's Newspaper report. 
Please click on the text below to see Patrick's newspaper report. 

Rosie's Whale Story. 


Rosie's poster.  Patrick's report.
     Please click on the text below to see Anna's Easter activities.    



    Anna's letter and Easter activities. 

Rosie's boat making.  Rosie's boat. 

Anastasia's shape art.


Anastasia's worm story. 


Anastasia's Bee Anastasia's Bluebell
Please click on the text below to see Anastasia's power point. 
Anastasia's D.T. Anastasia's own version of The Princess and the Frog.  Anastasia's power point about worms.