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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 25th


Finding one more. When finding one more it can helpful to have a number line or number tiles in front of you.

Activity: Set up a picnic for some of your favourite toys. How many plates and cups will you need? Imagine if they brought another friend, how many would you need then? Keep adding one more. 


Look at the front cover of The Little Red Ant and the great big crumb. What do you think the story is about?

Watch the first part of the story and answer these questions:

Why was she at the back of the line?

Why were they looking for food?

Why did the other ants scold her?

Activity: Discuss the story so far and answer the questions above.


Teach the vowel digraph ‘ai’ using Bug Club.

Read: Wait, Gail, hail,  pain, aim, sail, main, tail, and rain.


This afternoon select either an understanding the world activity or the expressive arts and design. 

Understanding the world 

This week is about being in the natural environment, sensing and identifying the sights, smells and sounds of the natural world.

What can you hear, see and smell in the natural world?

When you are out in the natural world think about complete one of the following activities:

Use your sense of sight to investigate the colours of natural objects.  How many colours do you see?

Listen to the different sounds, such as manmade and natural.

Use your sense of touch to explore the textures and qualities of natural objects such as bark. Is it soft, hard, rough or smooth?


Expressive Arts and Design 

Can you use natural materials to create the characters from the story?