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Catholic Primary School

Monday 22nd February


Look, say, cover and write your spellings daily. Select your spelling group below:





The spelling groups will be the same as your child had last term. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to email me-



Starter: Introduction to our new topic 'Twisted tales.' How many fairy tales can you think of? What is your favourite fairy tale? Why? What happens in each tale? What happens to the villain? How does the hero treat others?

Activity: You are going to create a mind map summarising your knowledge about fairy tales. What do we know about fairy tales? What characters might we expect to find? What do we expect to happen in them? Where do they take place?

Mindmap template

Challenge: Can you draw/paint/create a picture of your favourite fairy-tale character? (If you send me a picture of your challenge, I will add it to our new topic display board in class!)


Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Teach /oo/ written as ‘ew.’

Watch this video.

Blend to read: screw, flew, drew

Segment to spell: chew, threw, blew

Write sentence: Andrew threw that ball over the fence.


Year 1 video input                     Activity- Can you find objects around your home and compare their lengths?


Year 2 video input                    Activity                        Answers



Have you ever used a map before? What for? Why do we need to use maps? What features would we find on a map? (a key, human features, physical features, symbols). What symbols might you find on a map?

Read through the PowerPoint presentation- ‘Atlas Skills- The UK.’

Activity: Complete the Atlas Scavenger hunt. If you have your own Atlas you can use that or you can use this digital atlas.


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