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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 22nd February 


Today we are exploring 3-D shapes. When exploring 3-D shapes consider which shapes stack and which shapes roll.  Why is that?

White Rose: Session 1

Activity: Look at 3-D shapes using household items or building blocks. Hold up an object for example, a cereal box.

What other items have this shape? Explore which shapes roll and which shapes stack.


Today we will look at the version of the Three Little Pigs we are all familiar with.

Three Little Pigs PowerPoint

What happens in the story?

What happens to each of the houses?

What does the Wolf say each time?

Who is the villain? What is a villain?


To draw or act out the version of the story we have seen today. See Expressive Arts and Design for ideas on acting out the story.


Review all of the phase 2  and 3 phonemes taught so far using the flashcards these are on the class learning page.

Teach the digraph ‘er’ using Bug Club. Read: Hammer, letter, rocker, supper, dinner, boxer, summer and  banner.

Read the sentence: We had dinner.


Understanding the world

Find a selection of materials in your home. Predict which materials will move if you ‘huff and puff’ like the Wolf. Why do you think they will or will not move? Then test each one. Was your prediction correct?


Expressive Arts and Design

Can you create the characters from the story? You could use cardboard from your recycling or use lollypop sticks and paper.