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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 1st March


We are building on our previous work looking at length and height. We are using more specific mathematical vocabulary relating to length (longer, shorter), height (taller, shorter), and breadth (wider, narrower).

White Rose: Session 2 

Activity: Support your child to make a paper ‘footprint’. Can they find items that are longer than their foot, shorter, about the same size? Can other members of your family make paper footprints?

Arrange the footprints in size order by making direct comparisons.


Look at the front cover of our new story. Can you predict what will happen in this story?

Watch the video for The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

How is this version different to the two traditional tales we read last week?

Activity: Show the differences by creating a story map.  Who is the villain in this version? What are the main events?

An example from our first version is shown below.


Review all of the phase 2  and 3 phonemes taught so far using the flashcards.

Teach the trigraph ‘ear’ using Bug Club. 

Read: Ear, dear, fear, hear, gear, near, tear, year, rear and beard.


World Book Day afternoon activity

What is your favourite story? Why do you like it? Can you make/paint or draw your favourite character.

Can you tell me why you like this character or story?