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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 1st February


Look, say, cover and write your spellings daily. 





The spelling groups will be the same as your child had last term. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to email me-



Have a look at the cover of our new book- 'Blue Frog- The legend of chocolate.' Does the picture on the cover remind you of anything? The legend of the blue frog is a traditional Aztec folktale that seeks to explain the origin of chocolate.

Watch the video of the first part of the story below.


Discuss: Did Sun God and Wind God agree with each other? Why not? Today you are going to pretend you are Sun God. How do you feel? Do you want to share the chocolate? Why not? What do you think about Wind God? Do you agree with Wind God?

 Activity: Write an argument against Wind God. Answer the questions above in your writing. Use this sentence opener mat (‘to add information’ and ‘comparisons’ columns) to begin your sentences.



Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Teach /igh/ written as ‘ie.’ 

Watch this video.

Blending to read: tie, pies, flies

Segmenting to spell: cried, magpie, tried

Write sentence: The magpie tried the pie.

Then play dragons den on phonics play. Select phase 5 > ie




Year 1 video input

Activity- Choose some small items at home and make 5 groups of 10. Once you have made 5 groups of 10, practice counting to 50 in 10's.

Challenge: Can you make 6/7/8/9 groups of 10?


Year 2 video input





Starter: Can you name the 7 continents and 5 oceans? Do you remember this activity from last week? Let’s see how many you can remember.

Main: Look at this picture of where the tropics lie. What is the temperature like here? Why? Within the tropics there are many tropical rainforests. Why do you think so many plants and trees grow here? Did you know that 34% of Mexico is covered in rainforest.

Watch this video.

Then read through the layers of a rainforest PowerPoint.

Activity: Can you make your own rainforest and label the layers. Which animals could we find in each layer?

This is the work I will be marking today!