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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 1st February 


Exploring shapes – Squares and rectangles.

White Rose: session 1

Squares and rectangles have 4 straight sides and 4 corners.

If we turn it around, is it still the same shape? Compare a square and a rectangle. What is the same and what if different?

Can you spot any other shapes with 4 straight sides?

Activities: Can you make your own picture using squares and rectangles?

Or you can use sticks/match sticks to create squares and rectangles.


Watch the video of ‘Off we go to Mexico’. What would you like to learn more about? For example:

Who built the pyramids?

When were the pyramids built?

What is a fiesta?

Activity: Discuss what you would like to learn more about. Draw a picture of yourself and then in a speech bubble write your question.


Teach the vowel digraph ‘oo’ using Bug Club.

Read: look, foot, cook, good, book, took, wood, wool, hook and hood.


Expressive Arts and Design

Can you represent the weather today? You can choose how you do this and the materials you use.

Some ideas are shown below:

Physical Development

BBC school radio: weather. See the movement section for ideas.