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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 18th


Look at numerals to 20. Can you recognise numerals to 10? To 20? Are there any numbers you are unsure of? Look at these
numbers today.
You could watch the Numberblock video for these numbers. 
Activities: Ordering numbers to 10 or 20. Making numbers or go on a number hunt in your home.



Look at the front cover of Cuckoo. What is a cuckoo? Have you seen a cuckoo that looks like this? Read the first part of the
story. (The video is on week 3 learning page).
What is Cuckoo like at the start of the story? What does Cuckoo look like and sound like at the start of the story? How does Cuckoo
behave? How is Cuckoo described?

Activity: Draw or make Cuckoo (See Expressive Arts and Design). Write a caption about Cuckoo using the tricky word  ‘she’. Listen carefully to the sounds in each word and use the phonemes you know when writing.



Review all of the phase 2 and 3 phonemes taught so far using the flashcards. See the video on the class learning page. 

Teach the consonant digraph ‘ch’ using Bug Club.


Can you create Cuckoo? Use paper or card to cut out different shapes. You can join them together with
split pins or glue.

Here are some we have made at school today: