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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 29th January 

Spelling quiz

Can you ask a grown up to read this weeks spellings aloud to you and see how many you can get right!



Today you are going to be Newspaper reporters. You are going to write a newspaper report on the fire.

When and where did it happen? What happened? Why did happen? Who was there? What did the animals have to do? Who saved the day?

Activity: Write a newspaper report. Use the questions above to support. Include some of the interviews of the animals that you wrote on Wednesday. 

Newspaper template

This is the work I will be marking today!


Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Main: Practise reading the common exception words water, day and where.

Can you put these words into sentences?

Play tricky word trucks on phonics play. Select Phase 4 or 5a.


Mental Maths

Every Friday morning in Maths, the children participate in the 99 club to help them to recall mathematic facts including, number bonds and multiplication questions. 

They have 5 minutes to see how many they can complete and work to improve on this each week. Once they are able to complete all the questions on the 11 club within 5 minutes, they can then move onto the next club the following week. 

11 club

22 club

33 club

44 club

55 club



Can I understand where money comes from and what it is used for?

Thought shower: Where does money come from? Discuss regular sources that money can come from (jobs, pocket money) and irregular sources (birthdays, gifts). What do you buy with your money? What do adults have to spend money on?

Activity idea:

  • Devise own money and make notes and coins out of paper.
  • Set up a shop and roleplay buying and selling items.



Our topic this term is rhythm and pulse.

In this lesson, we will continue learning to read and write our songs using rhythmic notation.

Click here to watch the video and join in!