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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 29th


Smallest and greatest using numerals. Which is the smallest number? Which is the greatest?

Can you put your number tiles in order or write them in order from smallest to greatest? 

Repeat with other amounts. You can use just two numbers to compare, for example 9 and 11 and 20 and 12. 


The Little Red Ant meets many different characters in the story. She asks each of them for help.

Today we are going to create a new character for Ant to meet. For example she could meet a bat or scorpion.


Draw or make the new character and write a sentence. Write about this character,  for example what they say to ant.


Teach reading the tricky word was and they. You could hide the tricky words and go on a word hunt.


Understanding the world and Physical Development

Making vegetable fajitas. Do you recognise all of the ingredients? Where do they come from? Is this a healthy dish?