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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 22nd January 2021

Hello all you Swallows out there!  It's nearly the end of the working week and I am so so happy that you have been sending in your work regularly!  Thank you so much!  Keep up this incredible work ethic and have a lovely and relaxing weekend!  Mr Cappuccini

Well done to Swallows again this week!  Come on Eagles and Lions!  Next week, let's get ready to Rock 'n' Roll again!!!

Today's maths lesson for Year 5 is below


Multiple operation game challenge

Some answers

Today's maths for Year 6 is below

Today's Cappuccini Challenge!


Freedom Charter in full

Mr Cappuccini's example of the beginning of a speech:

People of South Africa - we are living in turbulent times.  We have been treated poorly.  We have had enough!  Our people have been robbed of our birthright to land.  For many a year, I have watched as my people have been marginalised, been suffocated, been reduced to living like animals.  How long can this go on for?  Well, today, my friends, is a new day.  For I have in my hand a charter that will promise to change your lives forever!