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Eagles Class Blog

Week Ending 12.11.21

Eagles have had a jam packed week this week. We had a Road safety workshop where our local Civil Enforcement Officers came in to teach us how to be safe on the roads. The children enjoyed a role play where they were able to give each other tickets and fines for parking in the wrong places. 

Our topic enquiry question this week was "What were the people like during the Stone Age?". The children had fun pretending to be Homo Habilis and Neanderthals. 

We also had a fantastic Shine Day where our Principle was 'Health'. We discussed many different ways we can keep our self physically fit and look after our mental health. We enjoyed some mindfulness, meditation and yoga. As well as creating healthy meals. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fay

Week Ending 5.11.21

Eagles class have had a fantastic first week back. They enjoyed our Stone Age Day on Wednesday, which introduced them to our new topic. We made bone necklaces with interesting facts on the back, as well as creating our own cave paintings to decorate our classroom. 

Children are very excited about Bonfire night tonight, and were able to all participate in a class discussion about firework safety!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fay

Week Ending 22.10.21

We have had an extremely exciting week here in Eagles Class. Our enquiry question this week was 'Am I proud to be me?'. Through assemblies, discussions and various activities, we explored all the different reasons why we should be proud of ourselves. 

On Thursday, we had a fantastic African Drumming workshop by the amazing Donald. We learnt how to say Respect in different languages, discussed why we celebrate Black History Month, and had the opportunity to play on a variety of African Drums (please see pictures below).

This week, we also finished our non-chronological reports on Lady Fu Hao. 

Have a lovely half term!

Miss Fay :) 

Week Ending 15.10.21

This week Eagles have been busy investigating our enquiry question, 'Who was Lady Fu Hao?'. Children completed lots of research and have now finished their plans for their Non-Chronological Reports on the famous General. 

Children across the school have completed their Christmas card designs which all look fantastic!

We finished off the week by designing and making our own Oracle Bones with special messages inscribed onto them - they will be drying in school this week, ready to take home at the end of term (please see pictures below). 

Children have been given one extra piece of homework this weekend, which is to research a significant person in Black History as October is Black History Month. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fay

Week Ending 8.10.21

Eagles have had a great week this week. Our enquiry question was 'How did the Shang Dynasty use Oracle bones?'. We had fun learning about one of the oldest forms of writing used by the Shang Dynasty, and trying to decipher different codes. 

In our English lessons we have been having lots of fun writing Alternative Endings to the Magic Paintbrush story which we will be sharing with you next week!

We will be having circle time next Friday, so children can bring in something they would like to share. 

Remember to keep practicing your Times Tables on TTRockstars! 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fay

Week Ending 1.10.21

This week it was Eagles turn to attend Mass which they were really excited about. Father Jonathan reminded them of the different things they had to do whilst at Church. 

On Wednesday during our RE lesson, Father Jonathan came into school to visit Eagles class and talk about the Holy Family as our enquiry question this week was 'Who was the Holy Family?' 

In our English lessons this week, we have been creating alternative endings to the Magic Paintbrush. Eagles class used Lego to build the setting for their own endings. 

On Friday, we had a fantastic Harvest assembly with KS2, where some of our class were able to read out their Harvest Acrostic poems. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Fay

Week Ending 24.9.21

Eagles have had a fantastic week this week. We have been working very hard in our Math lessons to develop our place value knowledge. All children are now becoming more confident in ordering numbers to 100 and 1000.

Our topic enquiry question this week was "Who was the first King of the Shang Dynasty?". We all took part in some role play and was able to explain why the Shang Dynasty took over from the Xia dynasty. 

During our PSHE lesson this week we had circle time and talked about how we were feeling and what our worries were. We also spoke about COP26 and the importance of looking after our planet.