Acceptable Internet Use 2018-19

Admissions Policy 2018/19

Admissions Policy 2019/20

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy 2018

Lewes District Schools Joint Attendance Policy 2018-19

Anti-Bullying Policy 2018/19

Asbestos Policy 2017/18

Behaviour Policy 2018-19

CCTV Risk Assessment 2016

Code of Conduct for Employees in School 2018-19

Complex Needs Policy 2015

Charging & Remissions Policy 2018-19

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 2018-19

Complaints Procedure October 2018

Confidentiality - Parent Involvement 2014

DfE Equality Objectives

Equality Policy  2017-2020

Data Protection Policy May 2018

Disability Equality Scheme & Disability Accessibility Plan for Pupils 2018

Display Screen Equipment Policy 2017-18

ESCC Disciplinary Policy

Education for Personal Relationships Policy

On Line Safety Policy

Freedom of Information Publication

Grievance Policy 2018

Governors Allowances Policy 2018-19

Governors/Management Inspection Report 2014

Health and Safety Policy 2018-19    

Home School Agreement

Hygiene - Checklist and Action Plan 2016

Instrument of Government 2014

Internet & Social Networking Websites Policy 2016

Managing Change Policy 2018

Mobile Phone Safety and Acceptable Use October 2018

New and Expectant Mother at Work

Offsite Activities and Educational Visits Policy

Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Consultations

Prevent Policy 2018-19

Privacy Notice for parents/carers May 2018

Pupil Premium Policy 2014

Religious Education Policy 2014

Safe Recruitment Policy 2018-19

School Admission Appeal Form

School Uniform Policy 2014

Supervision Policy 2018-19

Relationships & Sex Education Policy 2017-2018.pdf

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2018-19

Statement of Behaviour Principles

Supplementary Information Form 2018/19

Supplementary Information Form 2019/20

Positive Handling Policy 2014

Uncollected Child Policy 2018

Whistleblowing Policy 2018-19